Dog Unable To Hide Lack Of Enthusiasm As Human Brother Performs A Dance Routine

Stay-at-home orders and the effects of coronavirus have everyone a little bit on edge and down in the dumps these days. On social media, many dog lovers are getting creative to try and spread smiles and cheer people up during these uncertain times. Dogs and laughter are two of the best medicines on the planet, and we all could use a heavy dose of both.

The owner of a dog named Chunky aka Monkey shares images and videos of her pooch and human son on her Instagram account. With a following of almost 200,000 people, @BigChunkyMonkey spreads joy on an almost daily basis. However, in a recent cheerful of Chunky’s human brother dancing, the dog is unimpressed.

“I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it!” Chunky’s mom posted to Instagram. “Obviously Monkey can.” The accompanying video features the adorable little boy dancing to the song “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters. The entire time, Chunky the dog lays on a bed near the child, but his face is anything but excited.

Chunky and his human brother have an incredible bond and share life through their mom’s Instagram lens. In some photos, Chunky looks excited with his tongue hanging out and giving hugs to his brother. Sometimes, however, Bulldogs’ faces are so expressive that they look annoyed with whatever is happening around them.

Since Chunky isn’t afraid to hide his emotions, we invite you to watch the video and add a ray of sunshine to your day.