Dog Wakes Her Owner In The Most Gentle And Precious Way

Unlike some dogs, Lexi doesn’t bark or jump or whine or howl when she wants to wake up her dad in the morning. She’s so much gentler than that!She gently taps her dad on his chest with her paw, as if to say, “Excuse me? Dad? Would you mind waking up and taking me for a walk?”

Her dad turns toward her, mumbles “What do you want?” and kisses her paw.When he still doesn’t get up, she taps him a few more time before leaning over to sniff his face as if to make sure that he is still breathing.When that isn’t enough, she moves her paw from Dad’s chest to his face, causing Mom behind the camera to laugh. Dad still doesn’t want to get up and asks Lexi to stop.

If you’d prefer to be waken up like this than by an alarm clock.