Dog Who’s Scared Of Fireworks Wears Headphones And Watches Videos To Stay Calm

Humans love the excitement of firework displays. New Year’s Eve is a popular time to fire off the colorful yet loud explosions of light at home. People celebrate a long tradition of watching the fireworks while eating delicious food and making resolutions for the upcoming year.Although fireworks are entertaining for people, they are super stressful for most dogs.

Some dogs will suffer severe anxiety and panic when the loud booming and lights fill the sky. Across the country, hundreds of terrified dogs go missing each year as a result of fireworks.To prevent this, many owners go to great lengths to make sure their pets have a safe place to ride out the night in as stress free environment as possible.

Such as this dog whose owner came up with a unique idea to keep her fur baby calm during the firework shows.

Joey is a 6-year-old golden retriever who is very scared of fireworks. To help reduce his fear and help him stay calm, his fur mom puts headphones on him and has him watch videos on an iPad.

One of his family members, Emily an 18-year old from Fremont, California, shared a video of him on Twitter and said:

“He’s scared of the fireworks so my mom put on some dog videos for him.”

That little line on Twitter blew up some major compassion for sweet Joey with nearly 200k likes, 14k people showing their support for the dog, and 120k retweets!

It seems everyone loves Joey and many pet owners can relate to wanting to help keep their dog calm during the fireworks. His video was even featured on the popular Today show.

Joey is obviously much loved by his family. We wonder how many dogs will be trying out the headphones and iPad diversion tonight.