Dog With A Good Sense Of Smell Sniffs Out A Lost Dog Who Needs Help

Banjo’s sense of smell has been trained to become extraordinary.But it’s something he never thought he would put to use one day to save the life of a fellow dog.Recently, he and his dad were able to save a pup who got lost and stranded in the middle of thick snow, after Banjo picked up his unusual scent.Banjo’s sense of smell has always been extraordinary — something that he had developed since he was young through training with his dad. But he never thought he would one day put it to use in order to save another dog.

Recently, the 9-month-old pup and his dad, Kerry, went out for a cross-country skiing adventure just nearby where they live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, when he smelled something amiss along the trail.“Banjo has a distinct tail whip and body movement when he’s around fresh animal scent, so when I saw him run for the trees I knew something was there,” his dad told The Dodo. “I assumed it was going to be a porcupine, bird or rabbit.”

Judging Banjo’s unsure reaction, Kerry was certain that something was in the bush. So he came closer and that’s when a head with golden fur popped out from the thick snow!

From the way it looks, the lost pup must’ve been staying there for days sleeping in a burrow he dug in the snow and he was already feeling very cold.

“He was terrified and chilly,” Kerry said. “He allowed Banjo near him, but I couldn’t get very close.”

Unable to tame the pup out of hiding, he decided to do the best thing — call the local animal control, which got in touch with the lost dog’s owners and connected them to him.

“Only when I put his owner on speakerphone did he show signs of moving,” Kerry said. “I was able to coax him out of the bush with some treats, but he still wouldn’t let me get that close.”

As it turned out, the pup’s name was Louie and he had been gone for days. When the blizzard came, it made it even harder for his parents to look for him.

When his mom heard of the good news that he was found, she sprinted across the knee-deep snow just to get to him. And as soon as the dog saw his mom, all his worries suddenly faded away!

That moment was very touching and Kerry was holding tears back because he could relate how it feels, especially when “Banjo was stolen in August.”

Louie certainly has a lot of loving people around him. He is now safe at home for the holidays and his parents are very happy, all thanks to Banjo!