Dog Missing For 2 Years Finally Reunited With Family

Two years ago in May 2015, the di Bartolo family suffered a loss they will never forget. Cali, their beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback, was stolen from their home in Long Island, New York. They never thought they would see their favorite girl again, but last week something very remarkable happened. A dog was found wandering around alone at a New Jersey Turnpike rest stop.

She was emaciated, bleeding and in dire need of medical care. She was taken to Broken Promises Sanctuary, an organization that helps care for abused and neglected animals, and was found to have terminal cancer in her nose. An even more shocking discovery, however, was that she had a family looking for her.

The dog found was Cali and the di Bartolo’s were contacted right away. Cali was alive and ready to come home, but she had only about 18 months left to live. The di Bartolos didn’t care; they wanted Cali back. “I told [the sanctuary], even if it’s for one hour, a day, 10 years, whatever it is, I want my dog back,” Brittney di Bartolo told WABC. This past Sunday they were finally reunited and the video is all you need to see. Cali immediately recognizes her family, even after being away for 2 years. No one knows where she was or what happened to her, but we know now she’s in the very best place she could ever be – with her family.

It’s a miracle that Cali was found, especially when she has a limited time left in this world. We are so happy to report that she is able to spend her days comfortably with her family. Cancer is never a cheap diagnosis and Broken Promises Sanctuary has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay Cali’s expenses. The di Bartolos live in North Carolina now and Cali and her human family are spending their days making up lost time.