Dog Won’t Allow Newborn Photoshoot To Happen Without Him


When their new baby was born, mom Kelly Madsen let their pup Bentley be familiar with his scent.So, as soon as the baby got home and Bentley sniffed him, he got so excited and immediately became a great big brother.Bentley can’t take his eyes off of the baby, to the point of insisting to be part of his newborn photoshoot!It was definitely love at first scent.

When Bentley was about to have a baby brother, their mom prepared him to meet him. She gave the blanket that the newborn baby used to Bentley “to let him sniff and get familiar with [the baby’s] scent.”“When we finally brought our baby home, we kept him in his car seat, and Bentley ran right over to sniff him and wag his tail excitedly,” Kelly Madsen, Bentley’s mom, told The Dodo.

Right then and there, Kelly knew Bentley would be a great big brother. And she was right.

“Bentley has been very, very gentle with him and seems to understand already that he is part of our pack,” Kelly continued.

The caring pup takes his new responsibilities as the baby’s big brother very, very seriously. He’s always looking out for him and has become so protective of the baby.

“Whenever he hears a cry, he runs over and begins whining to alert us that the baby needs us,” Kelly said. “We have a bassinet where he takes naps, and Bentley gets very upset when we put him in it because he’s unable to directly see the baby.”

It’s Bentley’s ever-present help that pleasingly surprises Kelly. She thinks Bentley would not just be her baby’s big brother and protector but also his best friend.

One day, Bentley’s parents decided to do a newborn photoshoot for the baby. Everything was set, but the clingy Bentley, who wasn’t initially part of the shoot, would not let the baby get off his sight.

“Bentley insisted on being right by the baby, so there was no option to take them without him — and they turned out better because of it,” Kelly said.

Eventually, Bentley became part of the photoshoot, which turned out really good as the pup is used to posing for pictures. Being with his baby brother made it even better.

Their mom was delighted that Bentley insisted on being involved, which made the photos look more adorable!

“I love the pictures; it’s incredible to see the bond between our two kids, even if one is a little bit furrier than the other,” Kelly said. “Bentley was our first child, and it warms my heart to see how welcoming and loving he is with him!”

No doubt, these two will be each other’s best friend. Perhaps, that scent had set up a pretty good start for this lovely relationship.

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