Dog Works At A Dental Clinic To Calm Every Scared Patient

Dwight is a Labradoodle therapy dog who loves his work with his mom at a dental clinic.What he does is greet patients when they enter the door and comfort them during their procedure.He makes it easier for scared patients to get through their appointments and lessen their fear of pain.A dental clinic at Zanesville, Ohio, has one very charming member of the team who makes people excited to go back everytime.That’s Dwight — a 1-year-old Labradoodle who works with his oral hygienist mom at Sulens Dental Studio.

The sweet pup always succeeds in calming anxious patients every time he greets them.Dwight is a therapy dog who started his training as early as 12 weeks old and still does in the dental office and at his puppy school. His mom already knew from the start he was destined to be one.“Dwight was definitely born to be a therapy dog,” Dwight’s trainer, Jensen McVey, told The Dodo. “He is extremely sweet and has never met a stranger!”

“Dwight can definitely get excited and play when the time calls for it but otherwise he is a calm cuddle bug,” he added. “Dwight is so much fun to work with and every one of my employees loves working with him and loves seeing him come in.”

A study says 36% of dental patients suffer from anxiety whenever they get into their oral appointments. But Dwight always makes it easier for them to get through in the dentist’s chair. He changes their mood and reduces their fear of pain.

What Dwight does at work is greet the patients as soon as they enter the clinic showing them a big smile while wagging his tail. Sometimes he stays during their entire procedure to comfort them.

“He helps to create a fun experience for scared children coming in and provides overall comfort for those in the office,” McVey said. “He is also trained to gently lay and apply pressure for nervous patients or to gently place his paws up so people can pet him and take their mind off of being at the dentist.”

Dwight’s monthly compensation for his dedication at work is treats from BarkBox. But whether or not he gets compensated, he still loves his work and his dental family.