Dogs From The Same Litter Have An Unexpected Reunion At A Park

Two golden retrievers, Arlo and Baker, meet at a dog park and immediately wrestle, play, and chase each other.Arlo’s dad found it unusual and so he chatted with the other dog’s owner and found out they came from the same place, had the same birthdays, and were littermates.It was an unexpected reunion for the two brothers who lived far apart.It was an instant recognition between the two brothers but their owners did not have a clue until they started talking about their dogs.

Arlo is a golden retriever that loves to go to the dog park with his mom and dad. One day, as he was playing with one of his favorite balls, another golden retriever enters the opposite gate of the park. Arlo just stopped what he was doing and sprinted over to the other dog.Arlo’s mom, Gina Neonakis said, “Normally when a dog walks into the park, he’ll lay down and wait for the dog to come and approach him.”

But with this other golden retriever, Arlo locked eyes with the other and they started chasing each other, playing, and wrestling. She says that Arlo was at his happiest.

His dad Jordan thought that there was something different about how the two dogs interacted and so he talked with the other dog’s owner.

That is when they found out that the two dogs share the same birthday and came from the same place. Arlo and the other dog, Baker, were actually littermates!

It was clear that Arlo immediately recognized his brother Baker.

Their initial reunion led to their parents being in contact with each other as they live far apart. They have also planned a playdate for the brothers the next time that Baker’s parents are in town.

Until then, Arlo will play with the other golden retrievers, enjoy playing with his ball, cuddle and sleep at the dog park when he’s there.