Dog’s Owner ‘Forgot’ To Feed Him, But Rescuers Show Up With Food In Hand

The beginning of Benji’s life was about as bad as it could get. The dog was always chained up and had only the concrete to lie on. His owner “forgot” to feed him, and he was nothing but skin and bones. Thankfully, this wouldn’t be the only life he’d know…Rescuers showed up one day with food in hand.

The dog thought it was a trick and that he’d get kicked for trying to eat, but he was far too hungry not to. Benji’s condition was absolutely heartbreaking, so they drove him to Vet Point as quickly as possible for a checkup.The vets were so shocked at the sight of Benji, they stayed behind two hours after closing to make sure he got all of his necessary treatments.

As volunteers worked to gain his trust, they searched around to find him a foster home.

At 9PM that evening, Benji was delivered to his foster home where he made his first doggy friend and learned that not all humans are cruel.

He was now ready for the next step in his life: a forever home.

Benji is now unrecognizable. He has a new mommy and forever home, and he’s in the best shape of his life!

It’s incredible how far he’s come. He plays with his brothers all day long, but the only problem? His tail is going to take a while to heal because it never stops wagging.