Dogs Use Peepholes On Fence To Watch Mom Come And Go

Erin Joyce’s two dogs, Billie and Seymour, love spying on her.That’s why when Billie found a hole on the wood fence, it became his obsession because she can see the neighborhood.Joyce’s partner Dean decided to make the two dogs special peepholes where they can watch their mom comes home from work.When Billie, an Australian kelpie-dingo mix, found a hole on the wood fence, he became obsessed with it. He realized he can use it to see the neighborhood outside and to see her mom, Erin Joyce, comes and goes.

Erin’s partner Dean noticed that Billie spends a lot of time peeking through the hole so he decided to help her out. He made 3 holes in the wood fence separating the driveway from the yard for Billie. And a separate set of 3 holes for Billie’s younger brother, Seymour because he loves to play peekaboo with Erin and Dean as well.Now, the two dogs make spying on their mom a full-time day job.

“There was a small hole in the fence that Billie was sticking her nose out of to sniff at me every time I went to or from my car,” Erin said. “So Dean decided to make it so she could see me come and go. We didn’t expect both dogs to like it so much!”

Erin describes 6-month-old Seymour as “the life of the party” because he likes being “involved in everything everyone is doing!”

The siblings enjoy having the peepholes where they can monitor the neighborhood from inside their yard. And Erin loves having a furry little snout greeting her when she comes home from work.

When Erin’s next-door neighbors adopted an Airedale terrier puppy named Wynston, the holes in the fence got a bit bigger.

In an instant, Seymour and Wynston became best buddies, so Erin and Dean installed a gate in the fence so the two dogs could go between yards to play. They don’t like it when the gate is closed.

“Every day we open the gate for them to have a big play in the afternoon as soon as we get home from work,” Erin said. “It’s great for their socialization as we’re still in lockdown and they can’t go out and meet other dogs as they usually would at parks at this age. Billie is like a surrogate mother to them and watches them play. If they get too rough, she will intervene and give them a time-out.”

Billie and Seymour love spying on their mom, Erin loves her pups’ adorable spying more than they’ll ever know.

“They are my best friends and I just adore them,” Erin said. “I honestly don’t know what I’d do without their happy faces greeting me every time I get home.”

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