Donkey Insists On Getting A Butt Scratch, Won’t Take No For An Answer

Dogs are famous for loving to get their rear scratched. You know, that little spot above the tail that they liked to have rubbed whenever you’re willing to do it…Well in this video, it’s not a dog that wants its bum scratched. It’s an adorably bouncy donkey who is insisting that someone scratch its hind end in the most hilarious way, ever.

The donkey is getting its bum scratched and clearly enjoying it. In fact, it’s enjoying it so much that when the woman stops and moves away, the donkey bunny hops back to her and presents her its butt as if to say, “you’re not done yet.”Not once but several times the little donkey side hops back toward the woman as she tries to move away and aims its butt back to her so she can scratch it.

Seems like it would stay there all day if she’d do it for that long.

It’s the cutest thing ever to watch. The little hops are adorable and the fuzzy donkey butt is equally cute. It’s impossible not to laugh at the video, especially with the other donkeys wandering around as if this bum scratching is a completely normal occurrence on the family farm.

Donkeys seem very similar to dogs in respect to getting the low back scratched. Most likely they enjoy the attention but it’s also a part of the body that is nearly impossible for them to reach on their own.

According to Dr. Bonnie Beaver, professor of veterinary medicine at Texas A&M University, the reason dogs like their low back scratched is very simple:

“The reason most dogs like their rears scratched is because that is a very hard area for them to reach themselves,” Beaver says. “Think about the hardest place you have to reach in the middle of your back, and how nice it is if someone will scratch that for you.”

Just like people, some donkeys and doggos also love a good back scratch. Who are we to deny them this simple pleasure?