Epic Time Lapse Video Captures Dog’s Antics When Sleeping With Family

Mike Bagnall and Stacy Beck decided to add a Beagle to their home. They named him Bruno and they had no idea just how much of a difference this sweet puppy would make. They happily invited the 8-month-old dog to sleep in their bed with them.But they quickly realized that Bruno wasn’t a sound sleeper.

They started to really feel the lack of sleep and wondered just how active this little pooch was in the night hours.To investigate, they set up a camera to get some evidence. It didn’t take long to see the impact Bruno was making on their sleep patterns.This video is no doubt adorable. But it also serves as evidence that inviting a furbaby into your bed definitely has effect on your REM sleep!

We think the cuteness factor might just outweigh that though. Who could say no to these adorable creatures wanting to cuddle up with us?!

Mike and Stacy posted their video on Facebook and said, “Bruno the beagle nighttime time-lapse. This is literally how we sleep every single night with the dog and some nights a kid or 2 ??”