Family Abandons Heartbroken Pit Bull At Shelter Because They Don’t Have Enough Love To Go Around

It’s hard to imagine how mom and dad could decide to abandon their super loving, 2 year old pit bull at a high kill shelter in Brooklyn. But they did.After the birth of their 5th child, the family decided that their home was now “too full” and they sadly dump a bewildered Stormy at a shelter.

Stormy, who is used to being surrounded by a large loving family, is now heartbroken and could not understand why he was abandoned. Neither could the shelter staff.It seemed his mom and dad just didn’t have enough love to go around and Stormy was the one who had to go.By all accounts, Stormy was a wonderful dog. He loved kids of all ages, dogs of all sizes, and was even respectful of cats.

He was smart, affectionate, and gave big sloppy kisses. He loved to play fetch and tug. He was a perfect dog.

But soon there was a problem.

Stormy became sad and depressed in the shelter making it nearly impossible to find the precious pit bull a home. He eventually was put on the euthanasia list at the crowded shelter. It seemed his time had run out.

Minutes before he was to be put to sleep, he got a miracle! The Eleventh Hour Rescue volunteers came forward and placed him in foster care. Soon after, a very happy Stormy had a new loving family and a lap he could cuddle on.