Family Find Pitbull Has Already Dragged Baby Out By The Diaper During House Fire

Meet Sasha, a true hero. From Stockton in California, she saved a 7-month-old baby girls life after dragging her out of a burning house by the diaper.This is a truly incredible story that should put an end to the negative stories that portray all Pitbulls as violent dogs.Pitbulls, dubbed in the past as “America’s Dogs,” due to their loyalty and gentleness are not thoguht of in the same way these days.

Unfortunately, a lot of Pitbulls these days are misunderstood, with a lot of people linking them to dog fights and overall aggressive behavior.One day, a fire caught part of a fourplex and the flamed were quickly spreading.The owner of the house, Nana Chaichanhda, first noticed something was up with her pup when he wouldn’t stop barking and banging on the back door.

So Nana let the dog in, but then he just barked louder. That was the moment she noticed her cousin’s house was on fire.

She ran straight to the bedroom to grab her baby, but Sasha, the pitbull, was already by the baby’s side.

The Pitbull Dragged Baby Out From Danger
Nana didn’t even notice the dog running past her into the bedroom.

Sasha had already sensed the danger baby was in and rushed to help. Sasha grabbed baby Masailah’s by the diaper and tried to drag her off the bed.

Of course, Nana didn’t hesitate any further and took the baby and the dog and left the house in a rush.

Unfortunately, fire crews didn’t manage to get there in time to save the fourplex.

Pitbull Saved Baby From Fire

Nana was forced to start a gofundme campaign which raised her more than $6,000.

The family managed to successfully restore their home and now Masailah is a very happy toddler. If it wasn’t for Sasha that one night, things could’ve ended a lot worse.

No wonder Sasha was so set to save Masailah the two were born within days apart, and practically grew up together.

Pitbull Playing With Baby Girl

“I owe Sasha everything,” Nana said, “I hope my story helps change the negative perception of pit bulls.” She also added that Sasha was always considered part of the family and that she is the hero.

Pitbull Playing With Baby Girl

Sasha stepped up when she was needed, she became the protective nanny that was needed from her.

Pitbull Kissing Baby Girl