Family Finds Out Shelter Is Full & Drives 16 Hours To Adopt Dog

Joyce had been in the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, CA for about two months. She sat and watched as countless families passed her by for other dogs at the shelter.Despite the adoptions that were happening, Front Street was becoming too full. As with most shelters that become overcrowded, there are two options for the animals: adoption or humane euthanasia.

Hoping for the former, the shelter posted on Facebook to let everyone know that all adoption fees during the month of June were being waived. They asked their followers to share the message so as many people as possible would consider adopting a dog.What they didn’t expect, however, was just how far some will go to save a life.

A family in British Columbia, Canada had been looking for a dog and came across Front Street’s Facebook post. They drove 16 hours down to the shelter to meet the dogs and chose Joyce to come home with them. After what seemed like a hopeless two months at the shelter, Joyce had finally found her forever home.

Shelter staff say Joyce is indeed the perfect choice for this family and that her future looks undoubtedly bright. You can see her excitement as he meets her new family and waves goodbye to the folks at the shelter.

When it comes to adopting homeless pets, you are saving more than one animal. Not only are you saving the pet at the shelter from euthanasia, you’re making room by opening up the kennel space for a new animal that needs help. You’re giving two dogs a chance at life, and we think it’s well worth the 16 hour drive to do something so grand.

Do you live near or are willing to take the trip to Sacramento? You, too can take advantage of the shelter’s waived adoption fees through June. The money saved can be used to spoil your new pet!