Family Left Husky Alone For Three Hours, Dog Redesigns Entire Apartment

Wouldn’t it be great to discover that your dog had an inner Picasso? Well maybe not if this pup’s unleashed hidden artist is any indication.When this couple decided to spend a date night relaxing at the movies for a few hours, we’re sure they had no worries about their dog painting their entire house. I mean, who would?

As usual, they left their husky alone at home while they enjoyed some dog-free time, just the two of them. You can imagine that they perhaps had a few back thoughts about what they’re pup might do to keep himself entertained while they were gone but nothing on the scale of redesigning the house.

Most people might worry that they left out a favorite shoe or a package of hamburger thawing on the counter within reach; the common things that make us uncomfortable but not panicked.

Others might have some serious concern if their dog is known for destroying the house, ripping up the furniture, eating the entire contents of the trash can, or deconstructing the baseboards. But most of those people have a backup plan so they can relax for a bit.

We never worry that our dog might decide to paint the entire house but that is exactly what this talented husky did when he had a few hours of free time.

Imagine walking in and discovering your entire apartment covered in inky black ink paw prints! This adorably mischievous pup made an epic mess in such a short time that he should be proud. He’s truly an overachiever.

His paw art covers every surface and he must have been really busy because the prints are everywhere. We’re sure his owners were relieved when they walked into their bedroom to find it was spared….but wait…what is that? One lone paw print stamped boldly on the bed spread.

Luckily, according to his owners, their wild child used “traditional Chinese Calligraphy Practice Ink” which is non toxic and bio friendly to both humans and animals.

What we really want to know, is it easy to clean up?