Feline Rescues Fly From Texas To Kansas City After Winter Storm

When storms happen, it leaves in its wake property destruction and human and pet displacement.During Texas’ Winter Storm Uri, shelters were filled with displaced cats and dogs.Austin Pets Alive! has been helping transport cats, dogs, and other animals from all over Texas by flying them to other states for adoption.Never before has cold, ice, and snow fallen so heavily in Texas than when Winter Storm Uri came.

The people may have started rehabilitation efforts but animal welfare organizations are still reeling from the huge number of displaced pets in their care. Cat shelters all over the lone star state are still filled to the brim. The smaller ones have already sent urgent pleas for help.One of the bigger shelters that answered the call was Austin Pets Alive! They have been working with these organizations to transport cats and look for their new homes.

Austin Pets Alive! has partnered with KC Pet Project to bring 27 cats and kittens to Kansas City.

The transfer was made just in the nick of time as well. KC Pet Project said the cats were in danger of being euthanized just a few days before.

This is the second time that KC Pet Project has assisted in the flights of felines from Texas in the wake of Uri. In total, they have already transported 52 cats and six dogs.

The displaced pets come from all over Texas and transferred to possible new homes from Boston to Spokane, Washington. This flight came from Texas to Wichita, Kansas, where KC Pet Project staff will welcome them and drive them to Kansas City.

A massive thank you to pilot David Nelson who is on his third flight for Austin Pets Alive!

Thanks to Austin Pets Alive! rescue flights, more than 1,000 pets have been saved.