First Time For These Border Collie Puppies To Meet Sheep

If you’re feeling upset, demotivated or you’re just feeling lonely, We have got you one of the cutest videos out there! Watch how these 1-month-old Border Collie puppies react first time seeing sheep:Border Collies are known for how smart and hardworking they are. Actually, they are also added to the list of the most intelligent dogs in the world.

Border collies are also known for sheep herding, they have incredible skills in this job. They first worked as sheepherders in Scotland and northern England’s farms. Then, they became famous for that job and they are still working all over the world until now.They are also very cute as pets. However, remember that according to their work heritage, they have a lot of energy.

If you didn’t give these dogs a job, make sure to take them for long and repetitive walks, runs, and exercise. You can also add an intensive fetch game everyday.

First time for Border Collies to see sheep

You can never get enough of the cuteness of Border Collies.