Flightless Pigeon and Special Needs Chihuahua Become Bffs and the World Loves Every Minute of It

They say enemies attract and that there’s a lid for every pot. How about a feathered friend for every furry lonely little pup?Take Herman the pigeon and Lundy the Chihuahua puppy, one of the most unusual friendships you’ll ever see.Lundy is not able to walk, and Herman cannot fly, but they have established a form of an unbreakable bond.Herman and Lundy lived different lives until they discovered each other at The Mia Foundation, a noncommercial organization in Hilton, New York, devoted to animals with natural disabilities.

The pair have fallen head through heels in true friendship.Sue Rogers, the founder, posted on Facebook “I see a new friendship blooming.” The post went viral with more than 6 million views from all over the world, 50,000 shares, and more than $6,000 in donations later, their bond is more powerful than ever.The foundation took in Herman over a year ago after he was discovered in a car parking and can’t move.

Rogers decided to take him in and worked with wildlife sheltered him to help Herman regain his strength. He’s not able to fly likely because of a brain injury or West Nile virus. Then around the end of 2019, little Lundy at only 4 weeks old was left to the foundation since he couldn’t walk.

Their adorable friendship started when they were each placed on the same dog bed. Rogers wasn’t sure how they’d respond toward one another but was happily shocked when they came together to snuggle.

Life of Snuggles and Cuddles
Firstly, Rogers wished to get Lundy powerful enough to fit into a home. However, she chose that splitting this puppy and pigeon pair won’t happen. Lundy was lately diagnosed with kyphosis, and while there is no treatment, he will receive the care he needs to keep to live an amazing life.

Herman and Lundy belong together and will remain at the foundation. They’ll continue to cuddle, snuggle, and help teach others that being different is A-OK.

Established in 2012 in honor of her dog Mia who was born with a slit jaw, Rogers and her organization work to help pets with congenital disabilities live satisfying lives. The Mia Foundation has rescued and adopted more than 1,000 animals. They also give information about pets with the disorder to vets and owners. Consistent animal citizens travel to schools to help teach kids about diversity and bullying.