Florida Police Officer Rescues 6-Week-Old Puppy Before Hurricane Dorian Makes Landfall, Names Her Dory

During natural disasters, first responders often bravely risk their lives to protect others. They don’t discriminate between those needing help. They go and serve wherever they are called.So when the first Fort Pierce rescue call came out before Hurricane Dorian made landfall, Officers Martin Ortiz and Michel Jean responded.

It didn’t matter that the call was to rescue a tiny 6-week-old pit bull puppy that had been left behind to weather the storm alone.Fortunately for the tiny pup, the owner realized that the puppy was far too young to survive by itself in a cage, and called for help.Officer Jean took an immediate liking to the puppy and called his family to show them a video of the tiny dog.

It was love at first sight for his wife and son so Officer Jean took the puppy home.

A bright spot during the storm, they named the brindle pit bull Dory, short for Dorian.