Food Writer Sets Up Adorable Tiny Restaurant For Chipmunk

Food writer Angela was running out of things to write on as the pandemic forced restaurants to close.So when a chipmunk visited a tiny picnic table she placed outside, she decided to create a tiny restaurant, complete with tiny foods and props!Her adorable creations ended up filling her — and everyone’s — days with some much-needed warmth and happiness.Angela Hansberger, a food writer from Atlanta, Georgia, was running out of stuff to write on — her city’s restaurants and sampling bars have started closing.

Inspiration soon struck after her uncle sent her an adorably tiny picnic table meant for squirrels.When she placed the table outside and placed a few walnuts on it, a chipmunk soon appeared and ate the meal with pleasure!An inspired Angela looked up foods that are safe for chipmunks and started to craft tiny meals for her new furry friend, whom she nicknamed Thelonious (Monk).She started by setting the table with a tablecloth and a simple plant feature, along with some scattered petals.

Those tiny food fixtures are simply adorable! She was soon inspired to create more tiny props, like an umbrella and a small Liverpool fan sign.

She also made a note on which food Thelonious preferred and avoided.

More and more people started to follow Angela’s Instagram updates on Thelonious’s tiny food.

Take a look at the tiny sushi she made!

For Mexican food day, she made tiny tacos for a very appreciative Thelonious.

She then created more and more decorations, such as a rug, a plant, and some reading material.

She soon added an impressive mini bar, complete with leather stools, with the help of her husband.

If only Thelonious had more friends to drink with!

Her decorations soon got out of hand as she created more and more props — just look at all those pots and plants!

Angela admitted, “This is how I am coping, laying out a picnic, watching tiny hands hold my tiny food. It’s silly, yes, but sometimes silliness is needed.”

It may have been a silly hobby, but Angela’s tiny chipmunk restaurant had provided some much-needed entertainment that has helped ease everyone’s anxiety.

“Messages from strangers who found my munk via social media keep me going,” Angela shared.

Thelonious now has an outdoor camping spot, complete with a blanket, hot cocoa, and roasted marshmallows!

Angela even started building Thelonious a cozy apartment!

Perhaps one day, Thelonious could bring in a friend to dine with in his adorable restaurant!