Friendly Dog Loves Visiting All His Friends During Walks

Cairo is a very good boy and also a good friend — he always makes sure to visit his friends during every walk.Even “quick” walks take longer because Cairo always insists on stopping by his friends’ homes.His walk is not complete without checking on his husky best friend, Domino, with whom he loves exchanging happy barks.Cairo the Samoyed is one friendly dog — and he is an especially good friend to all the neighborhood dogs.

He always makes sure to check in on his friends and greet them during every walk!Cairo’s dad, Brodny Wilson, told The Dodo, “He’s very friendly and talkative. He has quite a few friends in our neighborhood and knows the homes of all of his paw pals.”Because of Cairo’s friendliness, even “quick” walks take longer.

Cairo especially makes sure to visit his husky best friend, Domino. His walk is never complete without stopping by Domino’s home. Cairo then howls for his friend from the street.

Brodny shared, “Whenever we pass by Domino’s home, Cairo will howl or bark to call him to the window. If Domino’s not home I’ll have to tell Cairo, ‘Domino must be asleep.’ Otherwise, he’ll want to wait indefinitely.”

But when Domino is home, the two best friends always have a blast! They all exchange happy barks before Cairo moves on with his walk.

Cairo’s other regular stops are the homes of his friends Bruno, Flower, Loki, and Royal.

The friendly neighborhood Samoyed surely has a busy schedule!

“He’s just a great boy and a true Samoyed,” says his dad.

But when his friends are not home, Cairo spots other things to bark at.

“He howls when he hears ice cream trucks, ambulances, police sirens, or fire trucks,” Brodny shared.