Friendly Pit Bull Lounges On Stranger’s Blanket At A Park

Pit bull Goose has been so friendly to every person she meets.She would always greet any stranger who crosses her path.Recently, she lay down on a blanket of a stranger at a park, thinking it’s an invitation for them to be friends!Goose is one friendly pit bull. She thinks that befriending every single person is her life’s purpose!

She would always greet any random person walking around. She sees a stroller and would take a peek at who’s in it and say hi. At times, she expects anyone she hasn’t even met yet to pet her, so long as they cross paths! In other words, this pup has never let a stranger peacefully pass by, but in a good way.

“She truly just loves everyone; it’s the best,” Amy Solomon, Goose’s mom, told The Dodo. “Her sister is more timid around new people, but Goose is like ‘HELLO, I AM GOOSE. IT IS GREAT TO BE YOUR FRIEND.’”

One of the funniest things Goose did so far was during a recent park visit. As soon as she spotted a random guy laying down a blanket, the pit bull quickly ran over and flopped down on it! She took it as an invitation to come over and say hello — why not, right?

“If someone has a blanket on the ground at the park or at the beach, Goose believes it’s an open invitation for her,” Amy said. “So when she saw this one, she made a beeline for it and did her classic, ‘I’m gonna roll around on my back until you pet me so much,’ move.”

Likely taken by her charm, the guy allowed her to invade his probably supposed-to-be quiet moments and tickle-played with her!

“He loved it,” the fur mom said. “He had a dog of his own who was more concerned with chasing a ball, but Goose will always opt for blanket snuggles.”

That, and all the other sweet, goofy moments of Goose, have somehow convinced people, who think pit bulls are dodgy, that they are wrong.

As Amy has put it, “She’s so goofy, so even if people are skeptical about pit bulls, they’re usually disarmed pretty quickly.”

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