Funny German Shepherd Loves Cuddling Up In The Dryer

This adorable German shepherd takes being a fluffball to a whole new level.German shepherds are highly inquisitive and love exploring new things. Like most dogs, they like snuggling up in their den for a nice warm nap. Most of the time they tuck themselves into their bed or crate but this pup has found her zen in the most unexpected of places.

Apparently, when this pup decided it was time for a nap, she found the warmest spot in the house. Sneaking through the dryer door, she climbed right into the warm metal chamber. It seems she enjoyed her time there because it must be a regular thing with her now.Her mom decided to make a video of her antics and shared it on the Internet.

She said when she was working from home one day she was able to catch her dog in the act and captured her sneaking into the dryer, thinking that no one could see her.

Her owner said:

“Finally caught her in the act when I was on a work call,
and even left the bedroom door open for her to hang!”

How her fur mom figured out her pup had a thing for the dryer is a mystery to us. Maybe her owner began to wonder why she was finding so much dog fur in the dryer. Or maybe, she caught her in the act. Whatever the reason, it’s hilarious to watch the dog sneak into her hideaway.

Obviously, her owner knows she is in there and would never turn the dryer on when she’s inside, which would be disastrous and would kill the sweet dog. But since she knows she hides inside, the door must be left open.

German shepherds are so smart, maybe she can teach her dog to fold and put away the laundry after her nap? Now, that would be another video we’d love to see. In the meantime, please share this funny pup with all your friends.