Fur Mom Orders More Packages To Reunite Pug With Delivery Guy Friend

Kaijeaw the pug has immediately made friends with a delivery guy who likewise was so fond of her.After days of waiting for his comeback, the little pug became disappointed that no one was returning.Her owner June ordered another parcel and requested for the same delivery guy so they could have a sweet reunion!When the delivery guy treated Kaijeaw like a long-lost friend, the sweet pug was beyond thrilled.

One day, Kaijeaw’s owner June awakened from a nap by sounds outside her home in Thailand. There she saw, through the window, a postal worker, dropping off a package at her gate and taking some time to shower the pup with love.Kaijeaw warmly greeted him in return, looking so giddy at the sight of a new-found friend.“I’m so glad I saw that,” June told The Dodo.

Since that unexpected meet-up, Kaijeaw has become exceptionally alert to passersby, expecting to see the delivery guy she has made a friend with. But her excitement turned to disappointment as days passed without his presence at their doorstep.

After a few days of waiting, a package has finally arrived, only to lead the poor pup to another frustration. It was a different delivery guy who just dropped the package and left without even a glance at Kaijeaw. And that just broke her heart again.

Witnessing how her eager little pup was snubbed by the recent delivery guy, June immediately thought of a way to restore Kaijeaw’s happy spirit. She placed another order online, indicating in the note that she was requesting for the same delivery guy to drop off her parcel.

As soon as the delivery guy appeared, Kaijeaw was overjoyed!

“Kaijeaw was so happy!” June said. “She was so glad to see him again.”

Seeing how her pup’s new friend brought bliss to Kaijeaw, June plans on ordering some more in the future, which will surely bring joy to both her pup and the delivery man who seems to love dogs.

“I loved to see them,” June said, “Happy, smiling and laughing.”