Gentle Golden Retriever Becomes “mom” To Baby Bunnies

Since four rescue baby bunnies arrived at their home, Bailey the golden retriever has cared for them like his own.Judging from the way the little bunnies flock to him, it seems like they believe he’s their mom!The bunnies love snuggling with him and even share their food with him.Adorable footage of a golden retriever tending to a nest of baby bunnies has captured the hearts of millions across the world.The video showcases the wonderful interspecies relationship between Bailey the golden retriever and four 22-day-old bunny rabbits.

The furry family lives in Costa del Sol, Spain, with their owner, Taras, who loves sharing videos of Bailey on his YouTube channel. Their videos have become so popular that they now have over 274,000 subscribers!The video, which now has over 9 million views, show the little bunnies snuggling up to Bailey and settling comfortably under his fur and between his paws.

Bailey may be male, but Taras believes that the “baby bunnies think the golden retriever is their mother,” judging from the way they gather around him.

“Look at how little rabbits lay near Bailey they probably decided that the dog is their mother,” the video caption read.

Taras told Daily Star Online that the bunnies, along with their mother Charlotte, were rescued “from the hands of people who catch rabbits in private homes.” After arriving at their new home, the bunnies immediately bonded with Bailey, who “is very kind” and loving to them.

He continued, “The bunnies always share their food with Bailey and he even steals hay from them.” He also gives them vigorous baths via loving dog licks!

While the bunnies still live with their mom, “Bailey has looked after them from the day they were born,” Taras added. “This beautiful story from the day they were born is documented on our channel.”

Learn more about Bailey and his bunny babies on his YouTube channel.