German Shepherd And Baby Play A Game Of Chase That Mom Could Not Resist Recording

Puppies and babies go together like bread and butter and are just as irresistible. There is really nothing that can bring a smile to someone’s face like a laughing baby or a doggo happily playing, especially when it’s together.It’s impossible not to take a picture or a shoot a video to capture adorable moments like these, just as this mom did. But it’s even cuter when the dog is a big, brave German shepherd that is being chased by a tiny tot that can’t even walk yet.

Little Leo MacDonald and Zeus the German shepherd are clearly best friends. One day they started playing a game of chase and mom grabbed her phone to video them. We are sure glad she did because the two of them are so fun to watch.The game they have invented seems to be a sort of hide and seek, catch me if you can, game of chase. Zeus circles around and just when he’s about to get to Leo, he spins around and runs out of sight.

The giggling Leo then crawls along after him clearly finding it funny and just when he’s about to find Zeus, Zeus spins again and runs into the other room so Leo can’t see him.

But Leo is not about to give up and scoots along on his hands and knees looking for his furry best friend. “Oh, there he is again!” Leo laughs. Zeus pauses long enough to encourage Leo to chase him, then off he goes again, out of sight.

Zeus is obviously having just as much fun as Leo is and together they are the cutest ever. We can’t get enough of these two and you won’t be able to, either.