German Shepherd And Golden Retriever Meet Their Lil Bunny Brother For The First Time


The two pups, a golden retriever named Bailey and a German shepherd puppy named Rocky meet their new fur bro Sam for the very first time. Don’t miss watching them play because it’s super adorable!Perhaps the cutest member to be added to their friendship circle, Sam the bunny is eating up the attention from his new fur friends, Rocky and Bailey while the three chill on the couch.

As the floofy toffee colored bunny hops around the couch, the adorable pups watch the new family member with curiosity. They sniff and bark at the bun bun who is not disturbed at all by the two dogs.In fact, Sam the rabbit is so comfortable, he even stops to take a little bath while the pups sniff his cute little ears before he bounces off, exploring the furniture while the pups watch him.

Rocky follows Sam and gently nudges him with his paw till Sam heads back toward Bailey, whose just waiting for him on the other end. Once there, it’s then Bailey’s turn to take a sniff or two of adorable bunny rabbit.

After a while, it’s time for a siesta and Sam snuggles under Bailey’s soft yellow ear.

Seriously, all this cuteness is all almost too much. In fact it is too much for Rocky, because he’s so curious about Sam he just can’t seem to settle down enough to take a snooze.

The playful Rocky even takes some gentle little nibbles on the cute rabbit before finally the three of them settle into the most adorable bunpup pile, ever. It’s obvious these cuties will be friends for a long time to come.

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