German Shepherd And Golden Retriever’s Conversation About Helping Their Hooman Is Hilarious

When Max the long coat German shepherd and Murphy the golden retriever happily greet their owner, they were not expecting a major pawmergency to happen next.When their owner, Brian, suddenly collapses on the floor in an apparent “faint,” the two worried canines look to each other for help and a hilarious ‘conversation’ ensues.

Murphy who is perched on the back of the couch is looking down at Brian and the oh so serious Max stares at him seemingly willing him to do something – to do anything – to help the situation.Not sure what else to do the adorably worried Max decides to comfort Brian by resting his head on his arm and sooth him while he’s down.

Murphy seems a bit more impatient for Brian to “get better” so he cannon balls himself onto Brian’s stomach. Well that move must have re-started Brian’s heart because he suddenly comes back to life!

If you want to see more of Max and Murphy, check out their instagram page max.and.murph