German Shepherd Avoids Tiny Kitten, Kitten Works Hard And Wins Over His Friendship

We’ve all seen articles about people bringing home a new kitten and their dog hitting it off with them right away. But in real life, friendship isn’t always so easily gained.A German Shepherd, named Beck, didn’t quite know what to do when he was introduced to Bleu, the kitten, when his family brought the tiny feline home. Beck wasn’t aggressive, but he didn’t want anything to do with Bleu either.

Even though Bleu wasn’t welcomed immediately, the tiny kitten didn’t quite feel unwelcome. All it took was a little time for Beck to get used to the new housemate. As time passed, the playful kitten began to win Beck over.Beck used to watch the kitten play in the distance, but as the days went by, the kitten was finally allowed to come closer and play with Beck’s ears and pounce on him.

Beck never chastised Bleu, but simply observed. And before he knew it, they became friends.

Before long, the pair were inseparable, playing with each other all day long. The duo would chase each other and paw at each other. Explore the yard together. And even cuddle each other.

Bleu would snuggle up to Beck and surprisingly, judging from his initial reaction to the kitten, he’d let Bleu get away with it.

The kitten grew, and Beck got a little older, but the pair are still inseparable.

Bleu still likes to cause mischief and Beck is still very patient.

This unlikely friendship started with strangers becoming acquaintances.

Acquaintances becoming friends. And eventually, friends becoming inseparable.