German Shepherd Busts Out Some Sweet Dance Moves When She Hears Her Favorite Song

Dogs are truly skilled animals. Some of them use their heightened feeling of smell to track down malignant growth or bombs, some fill in as guide dogs or therapy dogs for people who need them, and others have the superhuman intensity of making our days more splendid with some epic cuddles and excited tail wagging.

What we’re stating is, dogs improve our lives. Jaxson Rose is the same. She’s faithful to her dog mother, she’s charming as a button, and she has great taste in music. She has a special ability: dancing.Her best song is Flo Rida’s “Low.” When she hears it, she can’t resist the urge to move to the beat! Jaxson moves her ears simultaneously, various occasions, backward, forwards, and even in circles.

Jaxson’s owner, Stephanie Walton, really caught one of the first times Jaxson heard the tune on the clip and, normally, it piled on a huge number of views on YouTube. Jaxson turned out to be so popular after the video became famous online that she and her pooch mother got the chance to travel to L.A. for the shooting of Cause for Paws, a television special that respects rescue dogs and has huge amounts of celebratory hosts. Jaxson was assigned for a Golden Bone honor in the Weirdest Dog Talent video category.