German Shepherd Cuddles With All The Blueberries Her Mom Gives Her

Ava is a beautiful, black German shepherd with a very sweet side. She loves toys and takes good care of them. The sweet pup even shares her toys with the people she thinks needs them most.According to her fur mom, Talia Henze, Ava often plays with her toys on her elevated bed. But if she thinks someone is happy or sad, she’ll bring one of her toys over to the person so she can share it with them. Ava said:

“Any time anything happens, her answer is to bring over a toy,” Talia Henze, Ava’s mom, told The Dodo. “And I mean any time. If anyone laughs, if she sees anyone sad, she gets up and brings over a toy.”An extreme example of how gentle Ava is and how tenderly she cares for her toys happened one day when Talia was eating blueberries. Curious, Ava was watching her so her mom decided to give her one as a little treat.

Expecting her to eat the blueberry, Talia was surprised when Ava treated the little round berry exactly like she would treat one of her toys. She gently carried the blueberry over to her bed where she carefully set it down. Talia said:

“She’s been trained to only eat her treats and long-lasting chew stuff on her elevated bed or in her crate, so she naturally just brings new toys, treats, etc. to those places,” Henze said. “So it didn’t surprise me that she brought the berry to it. But she just never ate it.”

Rather than eating the berry, Ava continued to care for the little berry, carrying it around as if it was a toy. Talia even tried to show Ava that the berry was meant to be eaten but Ava was not about her eat her new little blue friend. Talia said:

“She kind of just carried it around to her different places for a while and snuggled it,” Henze said. “When she eventually got bored and left it in her crate, I tried showing her [how] to eat it by breaking it open … She wanted nothing to do with it when it was broken.”

Ava didn’t even want to eat the berry after it was broken and she could taste the sweet juice inside. Rather than eat the berry, she now wanted nothing to do with the broken fruit. But that doesn’t stop her from wanting more blueberries to play with.

Now each time her mom eats blueberries, Ava wants one too. But of course, she doesn’t want to eat it. She just wants to play with it, carry it to her bed, and snuggle beside her fruity toy. One day, her mom thought she was going to eat one but she was mistaken because Ava just spit it out:

“So I know she doesn’t really like eating them, but every time I eat blueberries she seems to want one,” Henze said. “So I just give her one every time … She tried to eat one once when I really encouraged it, but she just spat it out.”

Who knows what Ava is thinking when she plays with blueberries but it is the sweetest thing ever to watch her cuddle with the delicate fruit.