German Shepherd Dad Plays With His Five Cute Puppies

This adorable litter of German shepherd puppies playing in the snow is too cute for words – so we’re glad they shared the video!The video is even cuter when you realize these 5 young pups are playing with their handsome dad rather than mom.When the video starts the puppies are generally staying near a parked car, acting a little timid but as dad continues to playfully dance around, they get braver and braver.

They eventually forget about being shy and follow him further out into the yard until they forget about everything except having fun.And, the proud dad is having just as much fun as his puppies are. He playfully bows and darts around, inviting his pups to chase him. The entire scene is so sweet as this little fur family enjoys each other.

Obviously this is the first time the puppies are experiencing snow, which is lightly dusted all over the ground. A great first experience since there’s just enough snow to have fun but not so much to get lost in it.

The colder weather has surely invigorated dad because he’s so excited and happy as he enjoys the crisp weather with his kiddos. Of course, German shepherds enjoy cold weather and are protected by their thick double coat.

The highlight of this video is when some of the cute puppies come up and give dad a sweet kiss right on the end of his nose – so adorable!

Dad then backs away from the cute puppies – his way of saying, follow me, let’s play some more! We sure wish we were right there playing, too.