German Shepherd Decides To Go Swimming With The Dolphins

Maverick the German Shepherd is settled on the prow of his dad’s boat intently watching dolphins swimming by. He watches each one gliding practically in front of his nose with mounting enthusiasm.Eventually, he can’t contain his excitement any longer, and he leaps into the water to join the dolphins!

The man taking the video exclaims, “Oh [expletive], stop the boat!” The man in the back of the boat cuts the engine just in time to avoid running over the dog.The boat still glides a few feet as Maverick swims toward the back of the boat. As he approaches, the man in the back of the boat encourages the dog to swim to the side of the boat and away from the fishing lines that the men have in the water.

Dad half jokes, “Maverick, you deserve to be bit in the [expletive] by a dolphin!”

Maverick doesn’t look happy to be pulled into the boat and away from his new dolphin friends!

We hope he enjoyed his swim!