German Shepherd Helps Out From Doing Chores To Helping Rescue Kitty Feel At Home

For Lori Knoble, her German Shepherd Anya is “truly an angel.”Anya is always ready to lend a hand and deliberately helps her with the household chores.When the family took home a stray cat, Anya also extended her help to her and helped her adjust to her new home.Her mom must be right, Anya the German Shepherd is like “an angel” sent from above.Lori Knoble, Anya’s mom, thinks that her dog might be half-dog, half-housekeeper. She always helps out in the house even without her being asked.

Lori discovered this sweet gesture of Anya when she was unloading her dryer one time. Anya just observed her quickly, then later on started doing it herself.“She would always stick her head in the dryer when I was doing laundry, and then one day, she just started taking the laundry out and handing it to me,” Lori told The Dodo.

Since that sudden laundry service by Anya, the caring pup has never stopped lending a hand to Lori — from picking up clutters, to placing the remote back on the table, to throwing trashes in the garbage can, to helping unload the dishwasher, and even to unloading grocery bags from the car!

“Anything I’m doing, she just wants to help out,” Lori said.

What amazes Lori even more was that Anya’s natural helping hand has gone beyond the household chores. When she and her husband John brought home a kitten John found roaming around at a car wash, Anya thought she could be of help. So, she did exactly that.

When the kitten, whom they named Munchie, was taken home, she was very aloof and scared. The couple gave her a safe place, in a crate in their basement, so Munchie will have her space to gradually adjust.

“She was a little bit shell-shocked and probably very leery of anything new,” Lori said.

And then, Anya’s sweet thoughtfulness happened, and the kitty just couldn’t resist.

“There’s a kitty door going into the basement, and Anya would just sit at that kitty door, looking through, just staring at her,” Lori added. “She could not wait to meet her.”

The moment Anya was allowed to go near Munchie’s crate, she has never left her side.

Anya perfectly knew how to win her over. She gave her time and space to feel comfortable, and took the time to earn her trust — in this case, through a shoestring Munchie got so fascinated with. The pup used the shoestring so they could play with it. And that probably was the first time when Munchie put her guard down.

“Anya kind of helped us break the ice with her. She kind of is the one that helped Munchie make that adjustment from being downstairs in the basement to being with family,” Lori said. “I get so emotional when I think about it, but Anya is truly an angel. It is just moving to see little Munchie with her.”