German Shepherd Helps Rescue Kitten Feel Brave By Bringing Her Toys To Play With

This helpful German Shepherd used to spend her days helping her mom do chores around the house but now she spends her time bringing her rescued kitten friend toys to play with.This sweet German shepherd named Anya taught herself to help around the house. It all started one day when she decided to help get the clothes out of the dryer. From there, the dog just kept doing more and more things for her family.

She taught herself to empty the dryer, carry the laundry basket, pick things up off the floor and set them on the table, help empty the dishwasher, throw trash away, take out the garbage, do yard work, and even carry grocery bags inside. No matter what anyone was doing, she just wants to help out.

Then one day she got the best job of all. Her mom and dad found an abandoned kitten living in the dumpster at a local car wash. Knowing there was no way they could leave the kitten there, they took her home.

The kitten was scared in her new surroundings so they made her a cozy space in the basement to give her time to get used to living in a home. There was a clear plastic cat door leading into the basement and Anya would sit and stare at the kitten as if she couldn’t wait to meet her.

Soon Anya got to meet the kitten through her crate and from there she never left the kitten’s side. Eventually, the kitten left her crate and got to meet Anya up close.

The kitten had a shoestring she liked to play with and it was that shoestring that helped her bond with her family in the most unusual way.

Anya began to pick up the shoestring and hold it for the kitten to play with. Soon Anya was bringing more toys for the kitten to play with and would even drag toys across the floor for the cat to chase.

Anya truly helped bring the kitten out of her shell and the two quickly became best friends. They love to play and tease each other all day.