German Shepherd Lovingly Tries To Share Blanket With Baby

Most families are a little nervous when it comes to introducing their new baby to their dog. Aries, a 4-year-old German Shepherd, quickly put his family’s minds at ease.Aries loves his highly prized and coveted blanket. But when it comes to looking after his new human sister, he has no problems sharing with her.

In this video, Aries shows off his big heart and how much he cares for his little sister by trying to share his blanket with her.”Since Day One he has been a gentle giant, watching over his new little sister,” said grandmother, Kim Kirk.Lyla is now 8 months old and her grandma says “it’s becoming obvious she has found her very first bestie”.

The super smart (and caring) German Shepherd loves children, other dogs and his collection of “blankies.”

And apparently, his love of his little sister definitely outweighs his love of being warm and comfortable!

Aries and Lyla’s mom was fortunate enough to catch the adorable scene of Aries sharing his blankie with Lyla.