German Shepherd Must Tell Her Bunny Goodnight Before She’ll Go To Sleep

This adorable German shepherd has the sweetest bedtime ritual. Before she goes to sleep each night, she has to say goodnight to her baby. But, what makes this routine even more unique is, her baby is not her puppy or even a dog.Each night at bedtime, this cute German shepherd named Skottke follows the same routine.

Before going to sleep, she goes to get her human mom so together they can go say goodnight to her best friend named Holly.Their bedtime routine is adorable but made even more special because Holly isn’t a dog. Holly is a sweet little rabbit who sleeps in a rabbit cage on top of the dresser each night. Skottke likes to mother the bunny and can’t go to sleep until she says goodnight to her baby.

Skottke’s human mom asks her if she’s ready to get up, the signal it’s time to go to their room and tell the little bunny goodnight. Skottke jumps up, spins a few circles, then scampers down the hallway to check on her baby before bed.

Once satisfied that her bunny is safe for the night, Skottke then jumps up on her side of the bed to go to sleep next to her mom. Skottke is such a sweet dog and she carefully watches over her human and her bunny while they sleep.

While many dogs have a bedtime ritual, this one is uniquely adorable. Holly is one lucky bunny to have a German shepherd guardian for an adoptive mother. She certainly is the safest bunny in the neighborhood.

Interspecies animal friendships are always adorable but this one is extra special. Maybe it’s the sweet way Skottke looks at her bunny that makes it extra cute or the fact that she gets so excited over saying goodnight. Either way, it’s the cutest.