German Shepherd Puppy Meets His Golden Retriever Big Brother For The First Time

You know that German shepherd puppies are the cutest thing on earth. There is no end to their adorableness, not to mention they have the most fun personalities.If you love German shepherd pups, check out how this golden retriever reacts when he meets a little German shepherd puppy, his new brother, for the first time.

Will he love the puppy as much as you do? Watch and see!As dad carries in their new German shepherd puppy named Rocky into the living room, their golden boy, Bailey, is overcome with excitement. And, who can blame him? The puppy so sweet and floofy! A pup so cute that you just want to squeeze him.

The adorable Bailey wags his tail and barks at the little puppy. He seems excited and curious over what dad is holding in his arms. “Who is this fuzzy?” He seems to be saying to his human dad.

Then the most hilarious thing happens. Bailey starts to sniff around and goes and sits in the corner. It is truly a laugh out loud moment on the video. Perhaps Bailey thinks if he puts some air between himself and the puppy that the little pup will just go away and he’ll go back to being the only doggo in the house?

We’re not sure what Bailey is thinking but he sure is funny. Finally, Bailey gets over himself and curiosity draws him back to the puppy and dad. He even jumps up on the couch next to them for a moment before putting his four paws back on the floor.

Bailey then decides to get back on the couch to sniff tiny Rocky and the two go nose-to-nose. Bailey is so cute and so excited to meet his new little puppy up close. The two of them are just adorable.

Bailey then starts to get a case of the mini crazies and starts barking and acting like a silly boy. Meanwhile, Rocky is carefully checking him out, clearly, he’s not sure about this barking wild boy.

Dad finally puts Rocky down on the couch and the curious pup starts wondering around on it and getting a closer look at his new bro. The golden is being such a good boy and seems to be trying his best to take the tiny fuzzy stranger in stride.

Bailey wags his tail and listens to the puppy whine. The two of them are just too cute. As the pup’s cries get louder, Bailey doesn’t seem to know what to do but already becoming the big brother, is checking out his little bro.

The two hang out a little longer on the couch before moving to the floor. It’s then that Bailey gets the zoomies and wants to play. So cute! Soon dad has to pick up Rocky because Bailey is just so excited.

We’re sure these two will be best friends for a long time to come and will enjoy lots of love and playtime together. Such lucky pups to have each other and such a great family to love them.

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