German Shepherd Reunites With His Cat Friend Who Went Missing For 12 Days

German shepherds are known for their loyalty. They are a very loving breed that form strong bonds with their family and that includes other pets in the house. As guardians, they are happiest when their pack is all together.It comes as no surprise that when part of the family is missing, they get concerned and miss the family member, even the furry ones. As sensitive dogs, they also pick up on the emotions of those they love and know when something is wrong.

Certainly, that is what this German shepherd named Triton experienced when the family cat, Clyde, went missing. Not only did Triton miss his kitty friend, he knew something was up because his mom was worried.For twelve long days, no one knew where Clyde was. His mom posted him in a lost and found ad and hoped that someone would spot the adorable orange and white kitty.

Since they couldn’t find Clyde, all they could do is wait and hope for his safe return.

Happily, that day came when a neighbor spotted Clyde and returned him home. Surely Clyde had a story to tell but it would be one his family would never hear. What is clear is that Clyde was thrilled to be back.

In this adorable reunion video, Clyde and Triton are on the bed and Triton is sniffing Clyde all over, picking up clues to where Clyde had been spending his days. Triton looks relieved that his friend is back and gently wags his tail.

Clyde looks super happy to be home and is just purring away while stretching out his paws toward his mom. We wonder if he knows how much he scared his mom and dog friend or realized how worried they’ve been.

Thankfully, the adorable kitty looks healthy and happy and Triton and mom have Clyde home where he belongs.