German Shepherd Sneaks Out Of Animal Shelter To Look For Her Homeless Owner

Dogs are not given enough credit for their intelligence!We teach them tricks, but dogs know how to do more than sit, roll over, and play dead — why is that even a trick we teach dogs?Ginger is a 2-year-old German shepherd and she is already an escape artist! The dog was caught on camera breaking out of the Apple Valley Animal Shelter.

She went through three closed doors in order to get out of her confines in the shelter. She knocked papers over in the lobby and then made a break for the exit.Sadly, Ginger was in the shelter because her original owner was homeless, and he didn’t want her to continue living out of a car.

It seems that Ginger left the shelter in search of her owner, as she was found three days after her breakout, just a few houses down from her owner’s previous home.

Because she made the news, the Apple Valley Animal Shelter has gotten dozens of calls from people looking to give Ginger a proper home. Despite her sad arrival at the shelter, it seems this escape artist has finally caught a break!