German Shepherd Thinks He Is A Bird And Loves To Drink And Swim In The Birdbath Just Like All His Other Bird Friends!

Kai is a German shepherd but he thinks he was born a bird for sure.And just like all of his bird friends, he loves to cool down in a birdbath drinking and swimming in it when he was still a puppy.But now he has grown big, he doesn’t fit in there anymore, but he still loves to do his thing like any other birds do.Kai is a totally adorable German shepherd but he sure thinks he is a bird.Just like birds, he has been fascinated with birdbath in their family’s yard since he was a puppy—even taking a drink from it during the hot summer days.

“We had a pool in the backyard, but he would always go to the birdbath to get a drink because it was closer,” his mom, Ashley Shell, told The Dodo.At first, he would stand in his back legs to drink water from the birdbath. But after seeing how his bird friends use it to keep them cool in the summer heat, he decided to do the same as well. Why not? It was a perfect spot anyway!When Ashley noticed how obsessed Kai was becoming with the birdbath, she started filming as he took his love for it to the next level.

“I started recording him because he started jumping into it to get a drink and I was impressed by the balance,” Ashley said. “This video was the first time he actually jumped up and lay down in it.”

After walking around it, he then settled in a perfectly satisfied and comfortable position, drinking and bathing at the same time for 10 minutes.

“He’s very intelligent, always figuring stuff out,” Ashley said. “But he also has a silly side and loves to play.”

However, Kai has soon enough outgrown his favorite birdbath and he doesn’t fit in there anymore like when he was younger. But he still loves it anyway and finds time to cool down in it and that makes him so adorable.

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