German Shepherd Throws Hilarious Fit Because Dad Is In His Spot Next To Mom

German shepherds can get a little jealous over their people and when dad gets too close to mom, Zeus throws a fit.Like all German shepherd puppies, 9-month-old Zeus is full of energy and mischief. He’s also super attached to his person, in this case, mom.So, when dad sits next to mom in Zeus’ spot, he decides to do something about it. Can mischievous Zeus get dad off the couch and reclaim his favorite spot? Watch and see…

The adorable Zeus is jealous because dad sat in his spot and is giving mom kisses. Mom asks him, “What’s the matter?” He offers mom the iconic head tilt as if to say, “what the hecken betrayal is this?”He then starts to climb up on dad and playfully bite him, letting dad know he needs to go. The cute dog then reaches over to kiss the love of his life, mom, as he continues to climb dad like a tree.

Dad thinks it’s funny to keep making kissy sounds at mom and poor Zeus can’t stand it. Mom eggs the pup on asking him, “is this your spot, Tut Tut, I know it…” Poor dad, he seems to be second fiddle.

Zeus is still determined to get dad to move and although he doesn’t take his antics too far, it’s hilarious to watch him try to get his way. It’s clear he’s going to try to get his spot back if at all possible. “Mean daddy,” isn’t letting it happen though.

Soon Zeus starts complaining at dad and that doesn’t work either.

When Zeus starts to get a little too mouthy, even mom has to intervene and end his fun challenge.

Mom and dad love Zeus so he knows who’s boss but it’s funny to watch the pup try to get his way.