German Shepherd Tries To Talk Her Human Into Not Leaving The House

German shepherds are known to be very loyal companions who like nothing more than to be close to their human’s side. In a German shepherd’s mind, they should go everywhere with their person, there is no reason to be apart.Given this behavior of the German shepherd, it’s no surprise that the dog doesn’t want her owner to leave. But what is a bit of a surprise is just how vocal she gets about it. And, vocal she is! But that’s because she’s part husky!

Yes, this beautiful pup with one blue eye is a cross between a German shepherd and a husky and she has the personality to prove it. Huskies are notorious for being very vocal and this sweet fluffer is no exception.Although she looks very much like a German shepherd dog, she vocalizes like a husky does.

As she complains at her owner, she blocks his way like a German shepherd, herding him away from putting on his shoes.

As she blocks him from his shoes, she darts under his legs and carries on an entire conversation about why he needs to stay home with her. This dog is fluffy, beautiful, and hilarious, she has it all! Her owner tries to get past her antics but she doesn’t stop.

She is certainly determined to keep her person at home with her and she could not be any cuter or opinionated about it. How he can even leave her after a performance like that must be tough but he obviously is used to it.

It definitely doesn’t seem like the first time this doggo has tried to talk her human into not leaving without her.

Huskies and German shepherds are both highly intelligent working dogs that thrive on being close to their people. This one obviously got the best of both breeds and certainly is a character.