German Shepherd Whines To Owner About Her Bad Day

When we’re having a bad day, our favorite thing to do is kick back, relax, and complain to our best friend about how terrible it’s been! A lot of times, that’s our dog, since they’re always there when we get home from a long day. No matter how insane or silly our woes may seem, they will always be there to lend a listening ear and will always take our side!

Dogs are our most loyal companions, always there when we need them to listen or just cuddle us into a better mood. Echo, the German Shepherd, definitely feels like we should be there for her when she’s having a bad day too! Curled up in bed, her owner is the perfect person to listen to all of Echo’s daily problems.

It’s too funny to watch her rant and rave about her day- whining in the most extreme fashion! Have a listen to the video of Echo and her owner, it’ll be sure to make your day brighter- at the very least, it’ll be good for a laugh or two!