Giggling Little Girl Tries To Teach Her Great Dane Best Friend How To Sit For Treats

They say that the best time to teach children language, numbers, and basic skills is during their development stage, which is 2 to 6 years old. During that time, their brains act like sponges, absorbing all the information that they could get around them. This is why parents have to be careful of what they say or do.

Teaching our dogs to do tricks or to comply with certain commands is a bit similar to teaching kids discipline and house rules. This little kid gets it, as she continuously observes her parents trying to train their gigantic Great Dane, especially that now, she, a growing toddler, is in the house.
She is at least two years old, but she stands bravely in front of their big family dog.

This little cutie pie and the family’s spotted Great Dane is the highlight of this story. You could see her bravely standing in front of the dog that is almost thrice her size while holding a doggy treat. Even though the dog’s size is greatly intimidating, the innocent child was unfazed.

Besides, the parents probably already knew that their dog is a gentle and obedient soul, especially to them. She rapidly waved the yummy treat on the dog’s face, leaving the dog confused yet his eyes are still fixated on the food. The little girl was gleefully giggling, seeing the dog’s head bobbing up and down.

You would be surprised on what the toddler did next.

As the toddler continued waving the treat that she was holding, she then forcibly urged a command saying “Sit, sit, sit!” The dog, however, could not understand what she was saying, maybe because of how fast she was saying it or because his senses are preoccupied with focusing on the treat in front of him.

The toddler was confused as her command yielded little to no results, different from what she has seen when her parents did it. Although, she knew that she could not just randomly give up on trying to make it work.

The mom then gives her child a little piece of encouragement.

While the mom was filming the entire adorable moment, she also steps in to tell her little girl to try it again. The little trainer gladly followed, waving the treat once again, and uttered the command “sit” one more time.

To their surprise, the Great Dane finally complied, taking a couple of steps back and putting his butt on the floor in an obedient manner. The little toddler, including the parents, were happily thrilled seeing it happen. When the baby saw the dog sitting patiently, she then threw the treat on the floor so the dog could freely chomp on it.