Golden Retriever And Guinea Pig Friends Can’t Get Enough Of Each Other

It is heartwarming to watch friendship blossom between two animal friends, especially when it’s between an unusual pairing, such as this adorable guinea pig and sweet golden retriever.One might think that a small guinea pig would be afraid of golden retriever but that is not the case with Frankenstein, otherwise known as Frank.

In fact, Frankenstein loves Pippin so much that he follows her everywhere and can’t get close enough. The feeling is mutual as Pippin is Frank’s self appointed protector and playmate.The two love to spend time together playing outdoors, with Frank following Pippin like a shadow everywhere she goes. Sometimes Frank wears a helium balloon so he won’t get lost in the tall grass or plants.

Inside the two snuggle nose-to-nose, nap on the couch, and play games of hide and seek. Frank loves to cuddle into Pippin’s warm fur to take a nap. When Frank won’t come out from under the bed, it’s often only Pippin who can lure him out.

Pippin looks after Frank and isn’t happy when Frankenstein is closed up in his cage. She can be seen pawing to get him out.

The two happy friends are inseparable and lucky to have special owners who let them spend so much time together.