Golden Retriever Basically Treats The Vet’s Office As If It’s The Playground

No one likes having to go to the doctor, and going to the vet is the same thing for a dog. No one wants to be poked or prodded while awaiting some potentially bad news, but it must be done for our health. While most dogs try running the other direction when taken to the vet’s office, there’s one particular dog who absolutely loves it!

The vet’s office is basically a playground to this happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever, and it’s funny to see! The entrance she makes every single time just about says it all. She’ll bust through the door with her leash in her mouth ready to greet everyone inside!

The Golden Retriever runs laps throughout the office building the way any other dog would run through the dog park. She’s genuinely happy to be here, and there’s nothing that could change that for her! If only it were this easy to get my dog to the vet.