Golden Retriever Gives Hugs To The Firefighters On The Frontlines in California

In a state ravaged by wildfires, there is a golden bright spot. No, it’s not the flames. A sweet golden retriever is offering love and support to the weary firefighters who are bravely fighting the blaze.The physical and emotional toll is heavy for those on the front lines of the fires that are burning throughout the west.

The country is grateful for their selfless service. In Marin County in Northern California, fire personnel are receiving some extra encouragement.Kerith, a two-year-old golden retriever, is a licensed therapy dog who is making visits to the base camp in Point Reyes, California. There, she is giving out hugs and putting smiles on the faces of the exhausted firefighters, in between their shifts.

Kerith is an adorable pup who lives to bring joy and comfort to others. She doesn’t understand about fire danger but she does know how to brighten someone’s day. She loves spreading happiness wherever she can.

“She doesn’t know there is a fire. She doesn’t know there is COVID. So, she just knew she was seeing her friends and was really happy to do so. For the firefighters, I think it really made their day,” Kerith’s owner, Heidi Carmen told SF Gate.

From a glance at the pictures on her Instagram, she is doing her job well.

“We are so happy that we bring smiles to the firefighters on the front line.

I can tell they are exhausted but they never complain. Our heroes!” one post reads with Kerith posing with a smiling firewoman.