Golden Retriever Puppy Becomes A Sight Buddy And A Guide For A Blind Golden Retriever

Dogs have long been an indispensable part of many families in human society. Dogs become companions, family members and are often used for a variety of jobs, including disability assistance, search and rescue, police and military roles, and acting… But sometimes they also need help from humans and other dogs to lead a fulfilling life.

And this story is about 2 golden retrievers: Tao and Oko (you can follow their life on Instagram: @tao_mr_winky). Tao is a 12-year-old golden retriever with glaucoma that caused him to have his eyes surgically removed. Even though Tao recovered quickly and appeared to be happy. But his pawrents understood he was missing something. He needs a friend to play with, to help him feel warm and feel his surroundings because he has lost his eyesight.

Tao 12 year old golden retriever is blind due to glaucoma

Oko is a 6 month old golden retriever. however, when Oko was received he was only 8 weeks old but quickly became good friends and got along with Tao.

Oko inadvertently has becomes a guide and a sight buddy for Tao. They walk together, play together, sleep together and are almost inseparable.

Oko is a currently six-month old golden retriever